Jussi Karlgren

I am a mathematically inclined linguist and I work on statistical analyses of human language as it can be observed in live usage. (My ORCID).

I work as a researcher at Spotify in Stockholm and am a research advisor to Gavagai, a text analytics company which I founded with research colleagues in 2008, and to Recorded Future. I have an academic affiliation in language technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and at Helsinki University. I have during the the past years also been in various research-related roles at IBM Nordic Laboratories, Columbia University, Xerox PARC, SICS (now RISE ICT), New York University, Yahoo! Research in Barcelona, and most recently as a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

I can be found on Twitter (mostly in Swedish), I write the occasional note on technical and academic matters (och ibland, fast mer sällan numera, gör jag en del anteckningar om annat). I also snap the occasional picture of stuff I like.